Aurelie Stratton

Managing Director. Creative Producer. Writer. Director

Aurelie manages the SA slate of development and producing. She graduated from WITS Drama School and moved to the UK where she performed in various theatre and film projects. On returning to South Africa she co-founded You Kicked My Dog Productions, and co-produced the acclaimed Short Film
‘Sides of a Horn’, which qualified for the 2020 Oscars.

She soon realised a passion for creating content and discovered she was just as comfortable behind the camera as she was in front of it. Along with creative producing for YKMD she has a passion for writing and directing and would love to see more women in these roles.

During Lockdown in 2020 Aurelie wrote and directed a micro short called “I’ll Call You Later” for the Ladima Foundation Film Festival Highlighting women during Covid. Her short was one of the 10 winning shorts across Africa and one of two selected from South Africa. Aurelie is also a member of SWIFT (Sisters Working in Television) and SAGA (South African Guild of Actors)